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Family Code: POTAMO
Genus Code: ZANNI
Genus CN: horned pondweed
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 5 species, aquatic herbs, nearly cosmopolitan.
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Zannichellia is sometimes confused with other aquatics, such as Ruppia and narrow-leaved Potamogeton. Potamogeton has at least some leaves alternate; Zannichellia and Ruppia are opposite-leaved. Zannichellia lacks the abruptly broadened sheath of Najas. Also, the seeds are flattened in Zannichellia, and toothed down one side; Najas has a cylindric or elliptic fruit. Zannichellia has longer leaves (3-10 cm long) than Najas (< 4 cm long).
Genus References: Haynes & Hellquist in FNA (2000); Haynes & Holm-Nielsen (1987)=Z.
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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