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Family Code: BRASSI
Genus Code: TOMOS
Genus CN: Draba
Genus Summary: A genus of 6 species, annual herbs, of North America south into Mexico and disjunct in South America. This genus has been segregated from Draba on molecular and morphological grounds (Jordon-Thaden et al. 2010; Al-Shehbaz 2012).
Genus Identification:
Genus References: Al-Shehbaz, Windham, & Elven in FNA (2010); Jordon-Thaden et al. (2010); Al-Shehbaz (2012)=X; Rollins (1993)=Z; Al-Shehbaz (1987)=Y; Koch & Al-Shehbaz (2002).
Last Updated: 2019-11-30
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