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Family Code: ASPLEN
Genus Code: ASPLE
Genus CN: spleenwort
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: Asplenium is a large, nearly cosmopolitan genus of more than 720 species, with centers of diversity in the Appalachians, Central America mountains, Andes, and Himalayas.
Genus Identification: Identification notes: Several of the more frequently encountered sterile hybrids are included in the key and treated fully below. Others may be recognized by intermediate morphology and usual co-occurrence with both parents.
Genus References: Wagner, Moran, & Werth in FNA (1993b); Lin & Viane in FoC (2013)=FoC; Moran (1982); Taylor, Mohlenbrock, & Burton (1976)=Z; Murakami et al. (1999); Kramer & Viane in Kramer & Green (1990).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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