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Family Code: ARACEA
Genus Code: ARISA
Genus CN: Jack in the pulpit
Genus Authority: Mart.
Genus Summary: A genus of about 150-170 species, of Asia, e. North America, e. Africa, and Arabia. The taxa of the Arisaema triphyllum complex have been variously treated as species, subspecies, varieties, and forms. They are here treated as species with relatively subtle morphological distinctions; they are broadly sympatric, and sometimes occur together in mixed populations with little sign of introgression or hybridization. A. quinatum has often been treated as a full species. A. stewardsonii seems amply distinct in morphology, northern distribution, and boggy habitat. A. triphyllum is tetraploid and does not produce fertile seed when crossed with the other (diploid) subspecies, including A. pusillum, with which it is broadly sympatric (Treiber 1980). The size (though diploid) and strongly attenuated spathe apex seem good reason to allow A. acuminatum species status as well.
Genus References: Thompson in FNA (2000); Ward (2012b)=V; Huttleston (1981)=Z; Treiber (1980)=Y; Huttleston (1949)=X; Gusman & Gusman (2002)=Q; Renner, Zhang, & Murata (2004); Mayo, Bogner, & Boyce in Kubitzki (1998b). Key based on the references.
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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