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Family Code: BRASSI
Genus Code: ARABI2
Genus CN: rockcress
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: The circumscription of Arabis is in flux; there is increasing evidence that the broad circumscription traditionally employed in most North American floras includes discordant elements. Based on molecular phylogenetic studies and morphology, the members of Arabis (as circumscribed most broadly) in our area should be divided into at least 4 genera, as follows: Arabidopsis, Arabis sensu stricto, Boechera, and Turritis.
Genus References: Al-Shehbaz in FNA (2010); Hopkins (1937)=Z; Rollins (1993)=Y; Al-Shehbaz (1988a)=X; Al-Shehbaz (2003)=Q; Koch, Bishop, & Mitchell-Olds (1999); Koch & Al-Shehbaz (2002). [also see Arabidopsis, Boechera, Turritis]
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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