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Family Code: VITACE
Genus Code: MUSCA2
Genus CN: Muscadine, Scuppernong
Genus Summary: A genus of 2 species and 4 taxa, woody vines, of se. North America (including Mexico) and the West Indies. In the past decade, a number of molecular phylogenetic studies of the Vitaceae have been undertaken, using different genes and different sampling within the family; overall, they all corroborate the clear distinction of the muscadines from the true grapes. Some studies suggest that muscadines are sister to Vitis s.s., while others show equivocal results as to whether Muscadinia + Vitis is a monophyletic group. Overall, and even if Muscadinia is basal to but forms a monophyletic clade with Vitis s.s., recognition of Muscadinia at generic rank is warranted, based on the long-recognized morphological distinctiveness of Muscadinia vs. Vitis s.s. (see key), the genetic distance of it from Vitis s.s., the different chromosome numbers (40 in Muscadinia, 38 in Vitis s.s.), the frequent past and current recognition of Muscadinia, and the standards of morphological distinctiveness of genera in the Vitaceae (Nie et al. 2012; Ren et al. 2011; P�ros et al 2011; Tr�ndle et al. 2010; Rossetto et al. 2002; Soejima & Wen 2006; Weakley et al. 2011).
Genus Identification:
Genus References: Moore (1991)=Z; Ward (2006b)=Y; Weakley et al. (2011)=X; Wen in Kubitzki, Bayer, & Stevens (2007).
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