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Family Code: ONOCLE
Genus Code: MATTE
Genus CN: ostrich fern
Genus Authority: Todaro
Genus Summary: A monotypic genus, north temperate in distribution. Two other species formerly included in Matteuccia (or sometimes in Onoclea) are either better treated in the genus Pentarhizidium Hayata (Gastony & Ungerer 1997), or else the genera Pentarhizidium, Matteucia, and Onocleopsis should be united into Onoclea (Christenhusz, Zhang, & Schneider 2011). The members of the family store starch in their expanded and persistent petiole bases.
Genus References: Johnson in FNA (1993b); Xing, Wang, & Kato in FoC (2013); Kramer et al. in Kramer & Green (1990).
Last Updated: 2019-11-29
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