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Family Code: MAGNOL
Genus Code: MAGNO
Genus CN: magnolia
Genus Authority: L.
Genus Summary: As treated here, a genus of about 130 species, trees and shrubs, of e. Asia (Himalayas and Sri Lanka to Japan and w. Malaysia) and America (e. North America to West Indies, Central America, and South America); alternate treatments in current use divide Magnolia into as many as 16 genera (of which Magnolia Linnaeus, Houpoea N.H. Xia & C.Y. Wu, Metamagnolia Sima & S.G. Lu, Paramagnolia Sima & S.G. Lu, and Yulania Spach are represented in our flora). Molecular phylogenetics show Magnolia virginiana and M. grandiflora as closely related in a New World primarily subtropical clade, M. macrophylla in a clade with its close relatives, M. fraseri and M. pyramidata together, M. acuminata as basal in a clade that is otherwise Asian (equivalent to subgenus Yulania), and M. tripetala grouped in another clade that is otherwise Asian (Azuma et al. 2001). The sections used follow Figlar & Nooteboom (2004).
Genus References: Sima & Lu (2012)=Q; Tobe (1998)=Y; Spongberg (1998)=X; Frodin & Govaerts (1996)=V; Palmarola-Bejerano, Romanov, & Bobrov (2008)=U; Azuma, Thien, & Kawano (1999); Azuma et al. (2001); Figlar & Nooteboom (2004); Nooteboom in Kubitzki, Rohwer, & Bittrich (1993); Kim et al. (2001); Hunt (1998).
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