Plant Family


Family CN: Jessamine Family
Family Code: GELSEM
Family Authority: (G. Don) Struwe & V. Albert 1995
Summary: A family of 2 genera and about 10 species, shrubs and vines, of tropical and warm temperate America, Africa, and Asia. There is persuasive evidence that Gelsemium and Mostuea Didr., traditionally treated as part of a heterogeneous Loganiaceae, should be accorded family status as Gelsemiaceae (Backlund, Oxelman, & Bremer 2000; Struwe, Albert, & Bremer 1994; Sennblad & Bremer 1996). The Gelsemiaceae form a clade most closely related to the Apocynaceae (Backlund, Oxelman, & Bremer 2000).
Reference: Backlund, Oxelman, & Bremer (2000); Struwe, Albert, & Bremer (1994); Sennblad & Bremer (1996); Rogers (1986).
Last Updated: 2016-02-18
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