Plant Family


Family CN: Manatee-grass Family
Family Code: CYMODO
Family Parent: [in ALISMATALES]
Family Authority: N. Taylor 1909
Summary: A family of about 6 genera and 20-25 species, estuarine aquatics, of tropical and subtropical (rarely temperate) waters. Les & Tippery (2013) have made a strong case for inclusion of Ruppia (often placed in the monogeneric family Ruppiaceae) in Cymodoceaceae, a course followed here.
Reference: Haynes in FNA (2000); Green & Short (2003); Haynes (1978)=Z; Kuo & McComb in Kubitzki (1998b); Haynes, Holm-Nielsen, & Les in Kubitzki (1998b).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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