Plant Family


Family CN: Cleome Family
Family Code: CLEOMA
Family Authority: Horaninow 1834
Summary: A family of ca. 18 genera and ca. 175 species, herbs, of mainly tropical and subtropical areas. The Cleomaceae is here circumscribed to include the members of the Capparaceae, subfamily Cleomoideae, following phylogenetic analyses which show this group to be a monophyletic clade more closely related to Brassicaceae than to the rest of Capparidaceae (Hall, Sytsma, & Iltis 2002). The generic classification is still uncertain and in flux (Patchell, Roalson, & Hall 2014).
Reference: Tucker & Vanderpool in FNA (2010); Patchell, Roalson, & Hall (2014); Hall, Sytsma, & Iltis (2002); Judd, Sanders, & Donoghue (1994); Sanders & Judd (2000); Kers in Kubitzki & Bayer (2003). Key based on FNA.
Last Updated: 2016-02-18
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