Plant Family


Family CN: Hops Family
Family Code: CANNAB
Family Parent: [in ROSALES]
Family Authority: Endlicher 1827
Summary: As circumscribed to include the Celtidaceae, a family of 14 genera and about 120 species, trees, shrubs, woody vines, herbs, and herbaceous vines, of cosmopolitan distribution. Zavada & Kim (1996) discuss compelling reasons to recognize the Celtidaceae as a family distinct from the Ulmaceae. The distinctiveness of the Celtidaceae from the Cannabaceae and Moraceae is more questionable; and Yang et al. (2013), Sytsma et al. (2002), and many others conclude that Celtidaceae should be considered a part of Cannabaceae.
Reference: Small in FNA (1997); Kubitzki in Kubitzki, Rohwer, & Bittrich (1993); Sherman-Broyles, Barker, & Schulz in FNA (1997); Zavada & Kim (1996); Todzia in Kubitzki, Rohwer, & Bittrich (1993); Sytsma et al. (2002).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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