Plant Family


Family CN: Barberry Family
Family Code: BERBER
Family Parent: [in RANUNCULALES]
Family Authority: A.L. de Jussieu 1789
Summary: As broadly defined here, a family of about 15 genera and 650 species, herbs and shrubs, of the temperate Northern Hemisphere and Andean South America. There has been much debate and study of whether the Berberidaceae should be recognized as a broadly defined unit, or split into a variety of segregate families (such as Podophyllaceae, Epimediaceae, Nandinaceae, Leonticaceae). Based on molecular studies, Kim & Jansen (1996, 1998) and Kim et al. (2004) conclude that division of the Berberidaceae into segregate families is not warranted.
Reference: Whetstone, Atkinson, & Spaulding in FNA (1997); Wang et al. (2009); Stearn (2002); Kim & Jansen (1996, 1998); Ahrendt (1961); Loconte & Estes (1989b); Kim et al. (2004); Meacham (1980); Loconte in Kubitzki, Rohwer, & Bittrich (1993).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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