Plant Family


Family CN: Spikemoss Family
Family Code: SELAGI
Family Parent: [in SELAGINELLALES]
Family Authority: Willkomm 1854
Summary: A family of 1-several genera (the generic circumpscriptions still unclear), and about 750-800 species. Selaginellaceae, along with Lycopodiaceae and Isoetaceae, now appear to be only distantly related to other extant pteridophytes and seed plants (Pryer et al. 2001). There has been a recent tendency to split Selaginella based on groups that represent very old clades (comparable to the recognition of multiple genera in Lycopodiaceae) (Soják 1992; Škoda 1997; Korall, Kenrick, & Therrien 1999; Korall & Kenrick 2002). We have two genera, by a moderate approach to generic segregation. Selaginella itself is restricted to the type species and a close relative.
Reference: Valdespino in FNA (1993b); Tryon (1955); Lellinger (1985); Buck (1977); Somers & Buck (1975); Jermy in Kramer & Green (1990). Key adapted in part from Valdespino in FNA (1993b).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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