Plant Family


Family CN: Figwort Family
Family Code: SCROPH
Family Parent: [in LAMIALES]
Family Authority: A.L. de Jussieu 1789
Summary: There is now overwhelming evidence that the Scrophulariaceae as traditionally constituted includes disparate components and requires dismantling (Olmstead & Reeves 1995; Young, Steiner, & dePamphilis 1999; Albach, Meudt, & Oxelman 2005; Schäferhoff et al. 2010, and others). Based on molecular analysis, Young, Steiner, & dePamphilis (1999) suggest that Scrophulariaceae, Antirrhinanthaceae, and Orobanchaceae be restructured to include the current members of Orobanchaceae, Scrophulariaceae, and Callitrichaceae. Beardsley & Olmstead (2002) suggest that Mimulus and Mazus be included with Phryma in a redefined Phrymaceae. Additional changes have been suggested, as summarized below and reviewed and discussed by Schäferhoff et al. (2010).
Reference: Pennell (1935)=P; Schäferhoff et al. (2010); Olmstead & Reeves (1995); Young, Steiner, & dePamphilis (1999); Olmstead et al. (2001); Beardsley & Olmstead (2002). [also see LINDERNIACEAE, MAZACEAE, OROBANCHACEAE, PAULOWNIACEAE, PHRYMACEAE, and PLANTAGINACEAE]
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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