Plant Family


Family CN: Saxifrage Family
Family Code: SAXIFR
Family Parent: [in SAXIFRAGALES]
Family Authority: A.L. de Jussieu 1789
Summary: If narrowly circumscribed (as here), a family of about 35 genera and 500-650 species, herbs (mianly perennial), nearly cosmopolitan, but especially diverse in warm temperate and cold temperate regions of North America and Eurasia. The circumscription of a much narrower Saxifragacaeae is clearly warranted, based on a wide variety of data, and strongly corroborated by molecular data (Morgan & Soltis 1993 and many later references).
Reference: Wells & Elvander in FNA (2009); Spongberg (1972); Morgan & Soltis (1993); Soltis in Kubitzki, Bayer, & Stevens (2007). [also see GROSSULARIACEAE, HYDRANGEACEAE, ITEACEAE, PARNASSIACEAE, and PENTHORACEAE]
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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