Plant Family


Family CN: Primrose Family
Family Code: PRIMUL
Family Parent: [in ERICALES]
Family Authority: Ventenat 1799
Summary: As broadly circumscribed to include Myrsinaceae and Samolaceae, cosmopolitan in distribution. Following the discovery that various herbaceous and largely temperate genera (Lysimachia [including Trientalis and Anagallis], Samolus, etc.) traditionally placed in Primulaceae actually were more closely related to the largely tropical and woody Myrsinaceae, various authors, including Källersjö, Bergqvist, & Anderberg (2000) and Martins, Oberprieler, & Hellwig (2003) proposed the transfer of Lysimachia, Anagallis, and Trientalis to Myrsinaceae and of Samolus to Theophrastaceae. APG III (2009) alternatively merges Samolaceae and Myrsinaceae into Primulaceae, and recognizes variation at the subfamilial and tribal ranks; this approach is followed here.
Reference: Cholewa in FNA (2009); Cholewa & Kelso in FNA (2009); Cholewa, Pipoly, and Ricketson in FNA (2009); Channell & Wood (1959); APG III (2009); Källersjö, Bergqvist, & Anderberg (2000); Martins, Oberprieler & Hellwig (2003); Anderberg in Kubitzki (2004); Ståhl in Kubitzki (2004), Ståhl & Anderberg in Kubitzki (2004). [including MYRSINACEAE and SAMOLACEAE]
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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