Plant Family


Family CN: Ditch-stonecrop Family
Family Code: PENTHO
Family Parent: [in SAXIFRAGALES]
Family Authority: Rydberg ex Britton 1901
Summary: A family of one genus and 2 species, herbs, of e. North America and e. Asia. Penthorum has been variously placed in the Crassulaceae, Saxifragaceae, or in the Penthoraceae. Haskins & Hayden (1987) concluded that Penthorum was best treated in a monogeneric Penthoraceae, a conclusion based on extensive anatomical evidence. Among those who do not favor a monotypic family, there is nearly evenly divided opinion between the Crassulaceae and Saxifragaceae; this in itself perhaps supports segregation in the Penthoraceae. Molecular evidence supports the recognition of the Penthoraceae, and suggests closer affinities with the Haloragaceae than with either the Crassulaceae or the Saxifragaceae (Morgan & Soltis 1993).
Reference: Thiede in Kubitzki, Bayer, & Stevens (2007); Freeman in FNA (2009).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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