Plant Family


Family CN: Paulownia Family
Family Code: PAULOW
Family Parent: [in LAMIALES]
Family Authority: Nakai 1949
Summary: A monogeneric family, trees, of e. Asia. There has been disagreement over whether Paulownia is best placed in Scrophulariaceae, Bignoniaceae, or its own family, Paulowniaceae; superficially it closely resembles Catalpa of the Bignoniaceae. Armstrong (1985) concluded that Paulownia's affinities lie with the Scrophulariaceae, based on floral anatomy, embryo morphology, and seed morphology. A molecular study by Spangler & Olmstead (1999) conclude that Paulownia is best retained in its own family. Manning (2000) concurs with its removal from Bignoniaceae. Molecular evidence supports that it is sister to the reconstituted Orobanchaceae.
Reference: Freeman, Rabeler, & Elisens in FNA (in prep.); Spangler & Olmstead (1999); Manning (2000).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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