Plant Family


Family CN: Adder's-tongue Family
Family Code: OPHIOG
Family Parent: [in OPHIOGLOSSALES]
Family Authority: (R. Brown) Agardh 1822
Summary: A family of 7-8 genera and about 75-115 species. The Ophioglossaceae is only distantly related to the leptosporangiate ferns; Kuo et al. (2011) and Pryer et al. (2004) indicate that it is most closely related to Psilotaceae. There is an increasing consensus that Botrychium as often very broadly circumscribed should be separated into 5 genera, of which 3 are in our area: Botrypus, Botrychium, and Sceptridium (Shinohara et al. 2013; Dauphin, Vieu, & Grant 2014; Hauk, Parks, & Chase 2003; Hauk 1996).
Reference: Wagner & Wagner in FNA (1993b); Wagner in Kramer & Green (1990).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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