Plant Family


Family CN: Bog-asphodel Family
Family Code: NARTHE
Family Authority: E.M. Fries 1846
Summary: As circumscribed here (excluding Tofieldiaceae), a family of about 5 genera and 40 species, of e. Asia, e. North America, n. Europe, and the Guyana Shield of n. South America. Reveal & Zomlefer (1998) place the Nartheciaceae in the monotypic order Nartheciales. The molecular phylogenetics of the family has recently been corroborated by Fuse, Lee, & Tamura (2012).
Reference: Zomlefer (1997b, 1999); Fuse, Lee, & Tamura (2012); Reveal & Zomlefer (1998); Tamura in Kubitzki (1998a).
Last Updated: 2016-02-18
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