Plant Family


Family CN: Filmy Fern Family
Family Code: HYMENO
Family Parent: [in HYMENOPHYLLALES]
Family Authority: Link 1833
Summary: A family of 6-10 (or many more) genera and about 600 species. This treatment follows the generic interpretation of Ebihara et al. (2006), which splits Trichomanes (as both polyphyletic and morphologically diverse) and retains a broad and monophyletic Hymenophyllum. See Moran (1998) for an interesting discussion and overview of independent fern gametophytes in e. North America.
Reference: Farrar in FNA (1993b); Ebihara et al. (2006, 2007); Iwatsuki in Kramer & Green (1990); Morton (1968). {add for FL: Trichomanes holopterum, Didymoglossum kraussii, Didymoglossum lineolatum}
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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