Plant Family


Family CN: Frog's-bit Family
Family Code: HYDROC
Family Parent: [in ALISMATALES]
Family Authority: A.L. de Jussieu 1789
Summary: A family of about 18 genera and 120 species, aquatic herbs, cosmopolitan. Here circumscribed to include Najas, often traditionally placed in its own family, following the suggestion of Haynes, Holm-Nielsen, & Les in Kubitzki (1998b) and APG (2003, 2009).
Reference: Haynes in FNA (2000), Cook in Kubitzki (1998b), Haynes (1979)=Z; Haynes & Hellquist (1996); Haynes, Holm-Nielsen, & Les in Kubitzki (1998b).
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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