Plant Family


Family CN: Firmoss Family
Family Code: HUPERZ
Family Authority: Rothmaler 1962
Summary: A family of 3 genera and ca. 300 species, mainly tropical and subtropical. Within the lycophytes, Huperzia and related genera (Phlegmariurus and Phylloglossum) form a clade with �an isolated position�, basal to the remainder of the family, and warrant family rank as Huperziaceae (Haines 2003a). See discussion under Lycopodiaceae about family circumscriptions.
Reference: �llgaard (2014); Lellinger (1985); Mickel (1979); Wagner and Beitel (1992); Beitel (1979); Snyder & Bruce (1986); Wagner & Beitel in FNA (1993b); �llgaard in Kramer & Green (1990); Wikstr�m & Kenrick (2000, 2001); �llgaard (1987); Haines (2003a).
Last Updated: 2016-02-18
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