Plant Family


Family CN: Day-lily Family
Family Code: HEMERO
Family Authority: R. Brown 1810
Summary: A family of about 19 genera and 85 species, herbs, largely of the Old World and especially Australia and s. Africa. APG III (2009) recommend that Hemerocallidaceae and Asphodelaceae be included within a very broadly circumscribed Xanthorrhoeaceae, but I here follow Seberg et al. (2012) is recognizing somewhat smaller monophyletic families that are more easily circumscribed, characterized, and described.
Reference: Seberg et al. (2012); Chase, Reveal, & Fay (2009); APG III (2009); Zomlefer (1998, 1999); Clifford, Henderson, & Conran in Kubitzki (1998a).
Last Updated: 2016-02-18
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