Plant Family


Family CN: Bloodwort Family
Family Code: HAEMOD
Family Parent: [in COMMELINALES]
Family Authority: R. Brown 1810
Summary: A family of about 14 genera and 100 species, herbs, of semicosmopolitan distribution, but centered in Australia. The Haemodoraceae is primarily a family of the Southern Hemisphere; Lachnanthes is the only member native to e. North America. Lophiola has often been treated in the Haemodoraceae; it is better placed in the Nartheciaceae (or Liliaceae sensu lato), see Lophiola (Nartheciaceae) for additional details.
Reference: Robertson (1976)=Z; Simpson in Kubitzki (1998b); Robertson in FNA (2002a). [also see MELANTHIACEAE]
Last Updated: 2020-01-01
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