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Eco-Laquered Spider

id_plant: Chrysogonum virginianum
id: 5
id_plant: CHVI5
genus: Chrysogonum
genus_code: CHRYS4
description: Eco-lacquered spider is a stoloniferous, fast spreading (2-3 ft. per year) version of the wonderful native ground cover, Green-and-Gold! In the spring this plant sends out stolons (much like strawberries) along the ground and forms new rosettes from these stolons up to several feet from the mother plant. This is a great choice as a rapid growing native ground cover, as an aid to erosion control, or where deer are a problem (seemingly deer resistant!). Good drainage is essential, but it is adaptable to many site conditions including sandy and clay soils.
id_image: 22701
Last Updated: 2019-12-12
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