Cultivar: Dixie Lace
Sarraceniaceae (Pitcherplant Family)
Habit: Herb
Duration: Perennial
Range: southeastern United States
Height: 1-3 ft.
Hardiness Zone: 5 to 9
Bloom Color: Red, Pink, Yellow, Green
Bloom Period: Apr. - June
Light: Sun
Soil: Moist
Atttracts: Bees
Cultivar Comments: This hybrid pitcher-plant was bred from several species, including Sarracenia leucophylla and S. purpurea. The maroon-red pitchers of this compact plant are etched in a mosaic of intricate dark red veins on a mottled background. A distinctive hood with an undulating margin hangs gracefully above the mouth of the pitcher. Dixie Lace is one of several hybrids developed by Rob Gardner of NCBG and Larry Mellichamp of UNC Charlotte. It is propagated vegetatively by means of division.