Panicum virgatum
Cultivar: Cloud Nine
Poaceae (Grass Family)
Habit: Grass/Grasslike
Duration: Perennial
Range: throughout North America
Height: 4-5 ft.
Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9
Bloom Color: Yellow, Green, Brown
Bloom Period: Aug. - Nov.
Light: Sun
Soil: Dry, Average
Atttracts: Birds
Cultivar Comments: This southeastern native ornamental grass has bluish-grey foliage and produces decorative cloudlike reddish-brown seed heads from midsummer to fall. A single specimen can be used as a softening accent. The cultivar ‘Cloud Nine’ was selected for its steely blue foliage. ‘Cloud Nine’ grows as tall as 6 feet, making a rounded mound of its distinctive blue-green foliage. Many species of bird eat the seeds of switchgrass; it is also of value for the cover it provides.